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What we do

We help organisations of all sizes collect and understand their data. Our team combines business knowledge with expertise in software development, network infrastructure and hardware design.

How we can help

Uniotec are on hand to help you through every stage of your IoT project. From hardware deployment to machine learning we have the skills to make your project a success.


Deploy Sensors

We can help you select the best sensors for your application and deploy them for you. We integrate hardware from a range of manufacturers to provide the best selection of off the shelf sensors for any project.


Decipher Data

Our business analysis experts help you turn your sensor data into valuable business insights. Let us show you how IoT data can deliver real business benefits.


Rapid Prototyping

Quickly develop and test bespoke hardware and software solutions with the help of our engineers. We can build custom sensors or actuators for any application.


Engage Your Audience

Present your data on your own website or intranet with our easy to embed widgets. Choose how to view your data with a bespoke dashboard created specifically for your project and get important alerts sent straight to your phone.


Connect The Community

Deploy your own secure IoT network and support the community by providing The Things Network coverage using the same infrastructure. Extend your reach with IoT roaming on a global network.

machine learning

Intelligent Systems

Our machine learning experts will help you to unlock the patterns in your data to make insightful predictions. Save money, stay ahead of the competition and make your data work for you.

IoT Applications

With our huge range of low cost long life sensors the applications are limitless.

smart city

Smart Cities

  • Traffic & Parking
  • Air Pollution
  • Smart Utilities


  • Irrigation & Crops
  • Livestock Management
  • Security & Asset Tracking

Local Authorities

  • Parking Enforcement
  • Highways Monitoring
  • Waste Management

Health & Care

  • Routine Monitoring
  • Location Tracking
  • Smart Home

Facilities Management

  • Facility Utilisation
  • Desk Presence
  • Dynamic Cleaning Scheduling

Retail & Hospitality

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Parking Availability
  • Visitor Footfall

Who Are We

Michael Price

Michael Price

With a first class degree in computing science and a wealth of business analysis experience, Michael will help you to derive real business benefits from your data. He is an experienced software developer having worked on a variety of data manipulation and visualisation projects and also leads our hardware prototyping.

Dan Ling

Dan Ling

Dan is an experienced developer and natural problem solver. He has a first class degree in computing science and has worked on large scale software projects. Dan is equally at home working on hardware prototypes or our bespoke software solutions.

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

Michael specialises in machine learning, particularly time series classification. In addition to his first class degree in computing science he is currently undertaking a PhD in machine learning. Michael makes your data work for you, building systems which enable you to make effective decisions.