Bespoke IoT

We help organisations of all sizes collect and understand their data.

At Uniotec we provide IoT sensor networks to collect data from hard to reach places. Our solutions scale from a single sensor to a smart city and help everyone to make better decisions.

Our Services

  • Integrated Systems

    Your data shouldn’t end up in silos. We specialise in integrating our IoT solutions with your existing systems to share data and make it available when you need it.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Our solutions are designed to fit your requirements. Our team take the time to understand your organisation and how you work. We find the best hardware to collect your data and write bespoke software to interpret it.

  • Network Deployment

    From a single site to a national network, our team can provide the coverage your IoT solution needs. We offer gateways from a range of manufacturers to suit all requirements, indoors and out. Our carrier grade infrastructure ensures you can always rely on your network.

  • Mobile Apps

    Bespoke mobile apps go hand in hand with IoT projects. Collect more data, automate your workforce, access data from anywhere. We offer apps for internal business use and for release to the public on the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Test an idea before you commit to a big budget project. We offer fast turnaround on proof of concept projects which allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of a potential solution.

  • IoT Consultancy

    Want to know more about how IoT solutions could benefit your organisation? We deliver workshops with your team to define a problem and identify solutions. We also offer hands on training sessions where you can have a go with some of the latest IoT technology.

  • Intelligent Tools

    Our machine learning experts build intelligent systems to interpret your data and help you make better decisions. Unlock the potential in your data.

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The Uniotec Hub

Bring all your data together in our convenient unified platform.

Drag and drop components to create and share dashboards with data from all of your projects and devices. Bespoke components for your project provide more personalisation than other platforms.

Monitor your devices and gateways and receive alerts by email or SMS when parameters fall outside your defined threshold. Update device configurations without leaving your desk.

We don’t believe in data silos so the Uniotec Hub also provides an API allowing you to securely access your data and integrate it with other systems.

LPWAN Technology

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology allows low cost devices to be deployed in locations which would be impractical or uneconomical to service with WiFi or traditional cellular networks.

With battery life measured in years rather than hours, LPWAN devices are quick and easy to install with almost no maintenance required.

LPWAN devices can monitor anything from temperature to livestock movements, river levels to desk occupancy or air quality to parking spaces. Our team will find the ideal device to suit your needs.

The devices communicate with gateways over an encrypted radio link. The gateways pass the data to a network server which in turn directs the data to the correct application.

You can choose to operate your own network and gateways using our carrier grade infrastructure, or connect your devices to a public network. We can even offer roaming agreements with network operators worldwide.

Our bespoke application servers process and securely store your data making it available via the Uniotec Hub and our API.

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IoT Applications

Benefits For Organisations

Get smart

Deploy devices to monitor and control your assets, understand how they are used and deliver smarter services. Uniotec will guide you through every stage of the process to build your own bespoke IoT solution. 

Stay securely connected

Data is protected by end to end encryption from the device to the application server. You can rest assured that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is protected.

Make better decisions

Integrate new sources of data with your existing systems to aid decision making. The Uniotec Hub allows you to bring together all the information you need to make better decisions for your organisation.

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