Sand Dune Conservation

The ENDURE project aims to develop a coastline with more natural resilience to erosion, flooding and rising sea levels. Part of this work involves managing access and educating visitors to protect the dune environment for everyone.

The project team had previously used on site surveys and questionnaires to monitor how visitors use the dunes. These methods of data collection are costly, labour intensive and only provide a snapshot of the situation. The ENDURE team wanted to find a more effective way to collect data and measure the impact of their project.

Having worked with the Norfolk Trails team on previous projects we were able to bring our expertise to the ENDURE project. Following a meeting with the team we devised a solution to monitor how visitors utilised footpaths and interacted with informational signage. This would allow collection of data before and after interventions providing validation of the impact delivered.

"ENDURE was looking for a solution to monitor visitor flows through dune sites in a non-invasive and non-intrusive way. Working with Uniotec we devised an action plan and mapped how we could do this by working on a pilot site"

Alexander Larter, Senior Projects Officer, Norfolk County Council

Combining our footfall counting sensors with a custom dashboard on our Uniotec Hub platform allows us to collect the required data and present it to all the stakeholders. The custom dashboard allows the team to analyse the data and see at a glance live footfall data from all their sensors.

"We have worked with Uniotec to develop an online portal which will help visualise visitor flows on our sites and help manage dune protection depending on high pressure areas. It will be a dynamic tool to adapt to new dynamic approaches to dune management."

Alexander Larter, Senior Projects Officer, Norfolk County Council

Uniotec continues to work closely with the ENDURE team to further develop the system and add more sites. Our solution enables the team to more effectively measure their project performance and understand the impact of their interventions.

Visit the Endure website for more information about this project

Uniotec bi-directional footfall counter

Counts the number of people passing this device in each direction. Uses both motion and thermal technology in a single battery powered unit. Very discreet and easy to install, with LoRaWAN connectivity and internal memory storage.