Being able to gather data on previously either unobtainable or very expensive data streams is now becoming a reality with the introduction of LPWAN and low powered sensors. Having this information is a great help when it comes to making decisions about where to spend funds or what to change. By installing sensors to track and collect various data streams you can reclaim time doing what you love and let repetitive, time consuming tasks be taken care of.

The array of solutions for agriculture is vast, from asset tracking – to make sure they are safe, to soil moisture monitoring. Replacing some of the day to day monitoring tasks with sensors that provide data for you to access will really help reduce costs and improve you time allocation. Being able to see historic data, showing what trends there are and when they occur can help you plan for the future.

Asset Tracking

Knowing where your assets are 24 hours a day is a time consuming, often impossible task. Using small, discrete, battery powered sensors, we can help give you peace of mind knowing that your assets are being monitored. From tracking tractors to livestock, our sensors will make your life easier.

Energy Consumption

Monitoring energy consumption can help massively when it comes to cutting costs, with detection to be able identify unusual consumption. Being able to see where and when the most energy is being used can really make a difference.

Noise Monitoring

Detecting abnormal noise levels can give you an insight into what is happening when you’re not around. From monitoring the noises livestock make when giving birth to doors being opened in the middle of the night, the information you gain could become invaluable.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Deploy sensors across your farmland to detect the solid moisture level remotely and continuously. Always know the conditions of your soil, with historic data to show trends that can really help you decide what the course of action should be.