Facilities Management

Facilities management is a crucial aspect of owning and operating a building. Ensuring the safety and well-being of tenants is a lengthy often manual job. We work closely with you to identify existing sources of data and add new ones. With this level of monitoring enabled, you can set alerts to let you know when things are out of the norm and help you to act quickly.

When its comes to facilities management, the quicker you act the better. With our range of early detection methods we can keep you informed of what you need to know and when. You can monitor a huge range of data sources, from leak detection to air quality monitoring and parking management to asset tracking. We help you provide a better service and improve you time allocation to the jobs that need it.

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Tank level monitoring

This works by reporting back the level that is in a tank, allowing for a no hands approach to knowing what is happening. Get notifications when the level dips or rises out of a pre-defined limit and know in real time when it has occurred.

Leak detection

Use small unintrusive battery powered sensors to detect a water leak. By using a notification system that lets you know when action is needed, fixes for any leaks can be fit and forgotten about, safe in the knowledge that you will be informed of any future issues.

Parking management

Having a clear picture of when car park spaces are being used and how long for, means you can see trends and patterns in the use of the car parks. This can help reduce congestion and improve customer experience.

Structural monitoring

Having more information about your building is the key to building longevity. Using structural monitoring to keep track of any changes across the building can help you to be proactive and resolve potential issues before they become more costly and potentially dangerous.

Smart lighting

Implementing a way to control the lights remotely will enable you to not only save money on electricity, but also on repairs and bulb replacements. You can be notified when a bulb is in need of replacing, making targeted maintenance a reality.