Local Authorities

Local Authorities rely on their data streams to make the best decisions they can, for the benefit of their residents. Constantly being on the look out for more detailed data helps them to make more informed decisions. With operations that differ from gritting roads to checking bin levels, Local Authorities are responsible for providing a service that will improve the lives of their residents. There is a constant battle between finding new and inventive solutions, whilst staying within budget and being able to provide the best possible services available.

While working with one Local Authority, we have created solutions that we believe could help many others. We understand each Local Authority has different problems and needs, which is why we work closely with you to identify the problem at hand, create a solution and deploy that solution on a small scale as quickly a possible, demonstrating the benefits that having this data can bring.

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IoT applications for local authorities

Road Temperature Monitoring

The ability to deploy a much larger network of road monitoring sensors means you can understand the current state of the roads in a much more granular fashion. This means that your decisions are highly informed. All of this results in savings which can be used to improve your city.

Road Surface Monitoring

People Counting

Using non-intrusive and discrete ways to count footfall around the city and on footpaths can really illustrate the impact of current measures that are in place, as well as identifying new measures that need to be added, from more funding for busy areas to improved locations for public bins.

Waste Management

Rather than checking to see if public bins are full you can now target the collection of these bins by monitoring their levels. This cuts down on the amount of time needed to inspect the bins and will help keep costs low.

Desk Monitoring

The ideal solution for monitoring how busy a hotdesking building is. These sensors will help inform decision on whether more or less space is needed, as well as identifying busy periods throughout the day and building.

Devices for local authorities

Bin level sensor

This sensor is attached to the top of a waste bin. It reports back the bin fill level and alerts if the bin is knocked over or a fire is detected.

Smart Building Sensor

These devices are unobtrusive and easy to install with many years of operation from the built in battery. The can measure temperature, humidity, light level and motion. They also have a PIR sensor to monitor presence and movement of people in addition to a magnetic reed switch. These are a great all round device for a wide range of smart building applications.

Contact Temperature Sensor

This sensor is embedded into the road surface, this is done by cutting a slit of road itself and then covering it over once the sensor has been embedded, then the transmitter is attached to a near by post or pole, then periodically its readings are sent back using the LoRa WAN network.

Infra-red Temperature Sensor

Using a infrared sensor, this sensor simply attaches to a near by pole or post and is directed towards the road surface. A unobstructed view of the road surface is needed, This then transmits its readings over the LoRaWAN network at set intervals.