Retail and hospitality

We work with you to create new ways to monitor what is happening in store and turn that into valuable data that can be used to improve customer experience. More insights lead to a more informed decision process, enabling you to correctly deploy your assets. The benefits of this will be felt by both you and your customers, increasing the efficiency and profitability of your business.

From footfall around the store, to the temperature and humidity in store, these are just a few examples of what we can help you monitor, with these data points you can make you more informed when it comes to things like placement of displays, along with detection monitoring, to see such things as energy consumption. Knowing these metics will change the way you manage your store, products and staff.

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Temperature and humidity monitoring

Using discrete sensors to quietly report back the temperature and humidity of your store can allow for real time changes to operate in the optimal environment making the experience of using your store more enjoyable.

Asset Tracking

Knowing where your assets are at a glance is a massive time saver, using small unintuitive sensors. Attach these to your assets and you can have not only peace of mind but also a stream lined process to track your assets.

People counting

Customers are the life blood of stores. Identifying how many customers have entered, in what patten and when is priceless and will help to know your audience and prepare you and your staff or the working day. These sensors are unintuitive and long life.